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Glove Vertical Transfer Conveyor

Glove vertical transfer conveyor connected with the glove automatic stacking and counting machine, used to implement the gloves long-distance conveying before packing.  Matching speed with stacking machine to implement the automatic docking and without human intervention; A/B gloves is automatically distinguished in the end of the conveying , guarantee no mixing sizes. Chain transmission, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance.


Gloves will send through transporting so employee can do packing in workshop. It will free from high heat and noisy production environment, and save the handing work.

The temperature of glove will reduce to avoid sticking after the long distance transport.

Chain transmission structure realizes vertical elevated conveying, saves installation space, goes overground and underground, can also transport from the second floor to first floor.

Number of the glove transfer baskets set according to the time interval between production batches.The delivery time is to use as the buffer time before the glove physical result come out; to avoid the rework of the packaging.

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Glove Vertical Transfer Conveyor(图1)

Glove Vertical Transfer Conveyor(图2)

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