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Glove Automatic Stacking And Counting Machine

Glove auto stacking and counting machine is a fully automated equipment which grab down the half off state gloves from the former for testing and checking of the state according to the set of number and alternate left and right to pack into a stack. The machine have data statistics function, uploaded complete data according to customer requirement, high degree of intelligence, wide adaptation, etc.


High speed and tidy

Type I pick 5 gloves at a time, adapt to speed: 160 pcs/min

Type II pick 6 gloves at a time, adapt to speed: 200 pcs/min

We can design high-speed or low-speed stacking machines for customer.

Accurate and stable counting

80-150 pcs/ box if the speed let the number set arbitrarily, and the set number can be reach to ±1 (accuracy rate 99%)

Saving man-power and  quick return

After the gloves is pick and sorted by our sorting machine, they are very neat. There is no need for manual sorting. Gloves will pack into box directly. Reduced manual workload, therefore save up to 50% of packaging workers.

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Layout Diagram

Glove Automatic Stacking And Counting Machine(图1)

Glove Automatic Stacking And Counting Machine(图2)

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